Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sample Menus From My Artificial Intelligence Menu Generator

The Intelli-Menu Generator is a smart menu generator for a one-pot rice meal accompanied by soup. Style of cooking is Chinese and ingredients are mostly found in Chinese cuisine. In its current version the algorithms for combination and selection of ingredients is basic. But later versions will have memory (so as not to repeat a menu or have a big similarity in ingredients between rice dish and soup). User will also have the ability to input by a points system his/her preferences for each ingredient, and system will have output that  has a minimum score.

The system is flawed because it does not have human sense of taste and balance between ingredients and it often ends up being too imaginative for human taste or output bizarre combinations like liver and flower crab soup or mud crab with slice beef and chestnut. Probably the only way to improve it is to provide feedback from its human owners via a rating at the end of each meal. Over time the neural network will learn what the owner likes and output more appropriate meals.

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