Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Philosophy Is Dictated By The Philosopher's Personality and Circumstances: Example of Friedrich Nietzsche:

Common quotes of FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE- the philosopher who may have spawned Nazism, Fascism and Anti-Semitism that you may recognize..
" Without music, Life would be a mistake."
" That which does not kill make us stronger."
"God is dead"
" Love is blind."
" Woman was God's second mistake."
On Democracy: " the counting of noses."
On the English people and their Mercantilism " Shopkeepers, women, cows, Christians, and democrats belong together."
Nietzsche's philosophy has had a profound influence on Western philosophy in being an antithesis to the philosophy of rationalism and logic of Kant and Hegel who came before him, and a refinement of the romantic pessimism of Schopenhauer. He was not only a thinker but also a poet (the epic "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"), and a composer of music. Even if you have never read Nietzsche you may recognize some of his famous quotes above:
The controversial and extreme beliefs of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche on religion, war, power, women, morality, eugenics and democracy are scary, but we tend to take him less seriously when we feel that much what he wrote is an attempt to make up for what he was not, and not able to be, as a person.
Nietzsche's glorification of power, human will and strength, even the virtues of war and cruelty, and his admiration for strong, military figures like Bismarck and Napoleon, may seem insane and may have spawned Nazism, Fascism, theories on Superior Race and selective breeding; (Hitler and Mussolini must have read Nietzsche) But when juxtaposed against the physically weak, effeminate, introverted, neurotic person character that he was, we begin to understand that such views may have been born out of a need to self-compensate for personal deficiencies.
Nietzsche very much wanted to be the Ubermensche (Superman) that he wrote about but could never be. Rejected by the army for Prussia's many wars he reacted by justifying power and strength as innate human Will to survive, and glorified war and the subjugation of the defeated as merely Evolution's way of keeping the species fit for survival.
Rejected by women (his marriage proposals to the beautiful Russian psychoanalyst and writer Lou Salome were thrice rejected) he became a misogynist (woman-hater) and a homosexual (and is suspected of dying from Syphilis from an encounter in a male brothel).
Unable to fit into the conventional socio-religious-political environment of the time, he rejected Christianity and Christian ethics and pronounced God dead. Unable to fit in with the intellectual elite in their trendy move towards democratic political institutions, he denigrated Democracy and glorified aristocracy and monarchy.

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