Monday, June 29, 2015

The Rainbow Grasshopper: Aposematism and Teleology

Teleology= function by design. The purpose of something is reflected in its design.
Teleological argument for existence of a Grand Designer.That the design is so wonderful as to argue convincingly for the existence of a Grand Designer.
Aposematism: Using vivid colors to warn predators of toxicity.
The Rainbow Grasshopper: One of the best examples of Aposematism  and one of the most vivid examples of Teleogical evolution.

Not the Bible, nor the Koran-BUT THIS leads me to the conclusion that there is a good probability that there is a Grand Designer who created our world. But this does not mean I think we should have a relationship with It. It is Man's self-vanity to think that It wants to have a relationship with us.

These photos show several sub-species. Or even some that are  not Dactylotum Variegatus but equally colorful like the Leichhardt Grasshopper of Australia's Kakadu region (Black and Orange one below) or the one with horny growths at the back of its head; Phymateus saxosus from Madagascar

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