Thursday, June 25, 2015


Everytime we see a photo of Kim Jong-Un, there are people around him taking notes. I wish I could see what are they writing down in their little notebooks? Or perhaps surreptitiously doodling while looking earnest ? [although if caught they will be executed].
Reminds me of the ubiquitous 555 Notebooks used by horse-racing bookies, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, pimps, and other small-time businessmen in Singapore in the 1950's I think they are still sold in the shops in Little India.
I think Kim should at least give all his generals and bureaucrats more presentable-looking note books for them to take down his treasured advice on his 'guidance' tours.
*** Note: 555 Notebooks is (or should be) a SG50 [Singapore's 50th Anniversary 2015] heritage item.

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