Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5000 Great Britain Pounds for a guitar pick?

100 Pounds Silver pick for Jazz guitar players

5000 Pounds Platinum guitar picks

1700 Pounds 18K Gold guitar pick

A selection of picks available from 

A luminous pick from Huffschmid

Beyond the $1.00 plastic guitar pick is the world of boutique guitar picks. In all shapes and sizes, made of material from wood to carbon fiber to acryclics, stone, metals, or bone, they can cost up to US$75 a pick. Many are just gimmicks, and cater more to pick collectors but a few really do improve your playing and your tone. This list of boutique guitar picks is from my new FB Friend, Jacob Garcia whose review of 30 picks on YouTube is good introduction to high-end guitar picks. See…
Enjoy! I'm going to get myself a Huffschmid Glow-In-The-Dark! (
Part 2: 
Timber Tones is probably the world's largest maker of luxury guitar picks. But I think they are geared towards the collector market.[Just as people collect guitars, or stamps or coins, some people collect guitar picks]. I don't think picks made from bone, minerals, metals, wood, shells, even leather and felt can be as good those made from acrylics and thermoplastics specially formulated for guitar players. And no guitar player in his right mind would use the 100 GBP [Great Britain Pound] Silver Jazz pick-imagine dropping one of these on a dark stage. Or the 1,700 GBP 18-carat Gold, or the 5,000 GBP Platinum picks . You could buy 3 Gibson Les Pauls or 3 Fender Custom Shop Strat for this kind of money. Photos show: (1) Part of Timber Tone's catalogue (2) The 100 Pounds Silver Jazz Pick, (3) The 1,700 Pounds 18K Gold pick (4) The 5,000 GBP Platinum pick.

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