Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Conversation With A Bimbo

B= Bimbo

B: Hi Brainiac, I see that you are doing research on diseases now. Is Kurtosis an infectious tropical disease?
Me: Kurtosis is not a disease. but a term used in statistics for describing the shape of the distribution of a collection of data viz the fatness of its tails
B: Data has tails? That's nice.
B: Oh, I see. Anyway, that part you said about Augmented Dickey-Fuller fascinates me. I love Augmented Dicky.
Me: Huh? You know about the Dickey-Fuller test?
B: Oh, I thought it was something else. Dicky sounds very friendly
Me: You make the Augmented Dickey-Fuller sound pornographic
B: Well anyway, research fascinates me. When I was a child I dreamed of becoming a scientist.
Me: Well, if you fly me over I will show you my Augmented Dickey-Fuller hahaha

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