Sunday, March 1, 2015

Life's Little Affordable Indulgences: Hand-made guitar picks

Hand-made customized guitar picks. V-Pick, Jim Dunlop, Gravity. and the black super-thick Princeton specially beveled with ribbed center grip. These picks cost from S$6.00 to S$20.00. Just ordered one BlueChip pick with my name engraved on it. From Blue Chip Machining Company in Tennesse, USA. Cost US$75.00. Oh well, I can't afford a Porsche but I can afford guitar picks. And its little indulgences like this that adds zest to my life.
But seriously, the transparent and Blue Gravity picks make a big difference to the speed, ease and tone of your playing. On account of the unique composite materials used in making the picks and their beveled edges. These picks cost a lot because the edges are specially beveled by hand and not machine. Only a fellow guitar player and craftsman can make the perfect pick.

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