Monday, March 16, 2015

Fender MIM Road-Worn 60's Stratocaster:Nitro-Cellulose makes the difference

Fender Made-in-Mexico 2011 Road-Worn 60's Stratocaster

$100.00 name-engraved hand-made specially-beveled pick 

A Fender Custom Shop Relic easily costs $3000.00 now. I bought this used made-in-mexico Fender Road-Worn 60's Stratocaster for $600. The tone is terrific. The big-sky sound of a good Strat. I think its because of the nitro-cellulose thin finish. This really makes a big difference. Glossy finishes strangle the guitar's sound.
Second picture shows my name-engraved BlueChip pick from Knoxville Tennessee. Including delivery charges to Singapore this pick cost me $100.00 But its worth it. The specially beveled edges gives attack and yet is noiseless. 

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