Monday, February 9, 2015

Strange-Looking Guitar Picks from

Guitar picks greatly affect how you play your guitar, and the tone you produce. The thickness of the pick, its size, the material that it is made of, whether the tip is pointed or rounded etc all contribute to the speed, dynamics and tone of your playing. A lot of thought and research on shape, size and material goes into the making of a good guitar pick. 

Vinni Smith of makes about 125 types of picks to suit every type of player and every genre of music from jazz to rock, country, metal or folk. He is a selection of picks with a brief description of each:

1. The Bulls-Eye: The bulls-eye in the center is meant to let the player have a solid feel of the pick and its position in his picking hand, even as he plays. 

 2. The Duet's double point means that every note is played twice, the second note a split second behind the first note; thus making it sound like you are playing a 12-string guitar.

3. The Ghost Rim: Guitar picks sometimes make a loud sound which can be picked up by the guitar amplifier as you play. The Ghost Rim claims to reduce pick click and chatter to a ghostly whisper.

 4. The Gypsy pick supposedly emulates the picks used by Gypsy Jazz players. It is said that they use coins and buttons for their style of super-speed playing.

5. The Jalapeno has holes for tactile feel Not because it is 'hot'and needs cooling.

6. The Rounded Pearly Gate is semi-luminous to rectify the common problem of guitarists losing their picks on the dark stage where they play.

7. The Mummy has bandage-like bands which make the pick stick firmly to your hand.

8. The Pachelli is a very thick (4mm) pointed pick meant for jazz players. It's bevel and thickness make it different from the Dunlop Jazz IIIs that jazzers commonly use.

9. The large, pointed Screamer is for Heavy Metal shredders-those ultra fast players in Metal.

The X-Pick's unusual shape is meant to make a guitar player's upstroke flawless and smooth i.e. the upstroke does not get snagged. 

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