Thursday, October 9, 2014

Is This A Guitar Forum Or An Aunt Agony Column?

IS THIS A GUITAR FORUM OR AN AUNT AGONY COLUMN? is where the enthusiastic/passionate/fanatical fans (of which I confess I am one) of the Fender Telecaster guitar meet to discuss all manner of things about their object of love. It is the world’s largest forum on the Telecaster guitar with hundreds of posts every day on such esoteric topics as: three-saddle bridge or six-saddle bridge, the battle is over. The difference between a 53 Tele and a 54 Tele is more than skin-deep, or Fret wire sizes for my 52 Butterscotch Blackguard. [I forgot what TDPRI stands for].
But some of the posts on TDPRI are hilarious, and read more like an Aunt Agony advice column for the lovelorn. Here are sample posts gleaned from TDPRI:
1. Is something wrong with my Tele or is it me?
2. Can anyone be a one-Tele man? (Not that I am having other thoughts)
3. After 20 years with a Les Paul, I dumped it for a Tele. No regrets.
4. Is modding (modifying) a Tele sacrilege? Urgent. Please help
5. Blonde 50’s Esquire has stolen my heart, but she belongs to my best friend
6. How big is your (tone) knob?
7. I am in love with my 72 Thinline.
8. My first and only Tele. Till death do us apart.
9. I am falling in love with my Tele all over again.
Oh well, it’s things like these that put a smile on my face and make my day.

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