Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Above: my 2008 Nash 52 Telecaster. Weighing under 7 lbs because the wood is dry, and fitted with Lollar pickups, it is extremely easy to play. Even without an amplifier, the guitar rings loud and clear and with sustain- a testament to the quality of the wood and the build. 

I am a fan of relic (artificially aged) guitars, especially Fender Telecasters, and I love how some of the makers of Telecaster type guitars describe the degree of relic-ing .
Nash Guitars calls them 'Distressed Guitars' And describe their degree of distress thus:
Light Distress= Church Gig- as in when you only use it to play for your church.
Medium Distress= Working Man; a working musician's tool. Can't be new and shiny but has to be in good playing condition.
Heavy Distress= Louisiana Roadhouse'- Look like it probably has smell of stale beer and cigarettes on it and spent nights playing the Blues in some Deep South joint.
Extreme Heavy Distress* they have no name for it but I call it "Abused" . Abused guitars look like the owner must have used it not as a guitar but perhaps as a baseball bat or to clobber someone over the head with, or has set fire to it.

But seriously speaking: These guitars, especially those from Nash, feel and sound like real vintage guitars without you having to pay a bomb for them. In my opinion they are better value for money than the Fender  Custom Shop relics. 

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