Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On my latest bout of GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome).

2014 D'Angelico NYSS 3B FM (flamed maple)

2013 Fender American Vintage Telecaster Thinline

1967 Gibson ES-330 as advertised for $520 on AliExpress

After more than 3 years, I had a relapse of the Guitar Acquisition Syndrome (GAS). I thought I was cured. Why would a 67- year old man with probably less than 15 years of life left, and with more guitars and amplifiers than he can play with, want more guitars? But succumb, I did, to GAS. So here is a blow-by-blow account of my latest attack of GAS. 
 It began with a sudden craving for a Telecaster Thinline, though why I would want a Thinline when I had, during my lifetime bought and sold three Thinlines I don't know. So I bought the Thinline.  Then I saw an ad in AliExpress to sell a 1967 Gibson ES 330 for $520. I could hardly believe my eyes. I convinced myself that this anomaly in price was due to the ignorance of the seller. Alas, how true the adage that if its too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true. AliExpress subsequently alerted me that the seller was under investigation for fraud. So they cancelled my order. I didn't know whether to feel happy or sad, such is the effect of GAS that illogically makes you wish that AliExpress had not intervened.
Feeling vengeful at losing my prize, I frantically searched the Internet for a replacement. And as good luck/bad luck would have it chance upon a rare limited production Japanese DÁngelico. A good example of Japanese craftsmen ethos of perfection in their work. Made in Japan but seldom exported, this DÁngelico is highly sought after by both players and collectors. So how could I not buy it? And a rare Blue in color with flamed Maple top, to boot. Well, you know the rest. As to whether I am poorer but happier, I am not so sure. Suffice that the attack of GAS has come and gone, and hopefully not return. There is no cure for GAS!

Crocodile skin case of the DÁngelico

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