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To all the ardent Creationists and Theists who keep writing to me re the posts on 'God' on this Blog. Thanks, but no thanks. I respect your need for religion but there are many like me who don't need it. So leave us alone.
Here is a re-post from my Facebook:
To the Creationists and Theists who inhabit my Facebook, I understand that Religion is ultimately a quantum leap of faith and it is suitable for some people. But I am impressed by my correspondence with a pastor in Georgia, USA-who did use Science to explore alternative views of the origin of the Universe and Life before taking that leap of faith. I applaud him for that though I disagree with his conclusion. He has read Richard Dawkin's many books, Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science, dabbled with Artificial Intelligence, and played with Cellular Automata such as Conway's Game Of Life (available as an iOS app). Cellular Automata are a simulation of Life played out on a grid, where from a few cells, myriad patterns evolve over the generations. Wolfram classified four Classes of cellular automata:
Class 1 - point attractors. The system freezes into a fixed state after a short time (the transient behaviour).
Class 2 - limit cycles. The system develops periodic behaviours, which then repeat continuously.
Class 3 - chaotic. The system becomes aperiodic, continuously changing in unpredictable and random ways.
Class 4 - structured. System can develop in highly patterned but unstable ways. Computationally rich. This is life: part deterministic, part random, always on the edge of Chaos, going against the Second Law Of Thermodynamics' irreversible decay. Class 4 Automata exhibit properties of Emergence, Self-Organization and Evolution, Critical Thresholds, networks and hubs,and non-linearity and also known as Complex Adaptive Systems: human society,stock markets, traffic jams, ant colonies, flocks and herds of animals etc are all Complex Adaptive Systems.

Attached is an image of Conway's Game of Life where with just 5 filled cells (R-Pentamino)and simple rules, a Universe of myriad creatures evolve.
Above screenshot was generated in a few minutes using an App on my iPad. Class 1 dead patterns exist beside Class 2 Oscillators and a Pulsar. On May 18 2010, a new pattern was discovered by Andrew Wade which not only is able to replicate itself, but self-destructs after giving birth. He named it Gemini.
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Unfortunately, Gemini takes 34 million generations to appear. At 0.5 seconds a generation on the computer, it would mean running the program for 196 days. So you can see from this that evolution can throw up astounding results/products but that's because it has the luxury of time.
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  1. Oh gosh ... I don't know I am correct or not (amd you must correct me if I am going wrong some where)

    this Cellular automata is actually pointing out the inconstancy of biological theories.

    CA was designed to verify "If it is possible to make a self developing machine" and it actually gives a objection to it. like a small seed evolves into a big redwood tree. we cannot have a similar small constructor bot which on it's won will automatically build up a star-base. unless the bot itself will know all the features of the whole system he will be making. similerly seed have it's DNA codes and (possibly) they carry all the features of the upcoming tree (that's why it can be a miracle "theistic clam"... but as DNA had all the codes we don't need a god to turn seed into a tree). but for sure 1st living cell surely had not al the features or codes of all the living entities today. and those huge number of perfect features animals and plants have just cannot come out by evolution...

    like you cannot have a CA where you will feed T_S_F_T and after few moment it will evolve to "I Love Taylor Swift" .... even if it does that means that CA in it's initial feed and condition had all the features of out put string.

    like after completing my 1st assignment on CA, I felt who said computers cannot play with colours .. as my CA was giving very nice-looking artistic patterns. but later understanding the theory I was all about the initial condition I gave and the rules of mordification I had set in my program../
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