Saturday, December 31, 2011


From these photos (whose compilation or authorship is unknown) you can have an idea of the Indian psyche. Of a people in a hurry to climb up the steps of economic development, and of an ingenious people with a pragmatic bent of mind, with a as-long-as-it-gets-done credo. Function and form take into account the local business environment. Never mind that the results sometimes look comical to the rest of the world. On thing for sure is that you will never see the same kind of pictures in China, that other developing giant.

Improvised swimming float
Improvised motorcycle raised pillion
When you are holding a child and need to use your camera in a hurry....
Cooling beer with airconditioner when yu don't have a refrigerator
Peeling onions with motor cycle helmets on to stop the tears
Computer prodigy
Election rally- Audience of one, but the show must go on
A bicycle lock can also be used to prevent sandals from being stolen
Improvised fuel tank
Improvised air bag

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