Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Best Travel And Nature Pix 2011

A typical Chinese small-time business man on the train from Shenzhen to Hong Kong. The ubiquitous cellphone glued to his ears, the soft-case for his documents, and the two large bags containing his wares.

A house of the Swamp Aborigines in the Mangrove swamp of Johor, Malaysia
Aborigine children eating their rice gruel and curried fish
A beauty salon way out in the Florida swamplands: Fellsmere.
An Amish farm at sunset, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania
The ancient (at least 30 years old) ShoeBill stork at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore
A Pied Oriental Hornbill in the trees, Changi Village, Singapore
Discus fish at Qian Hu fishfarm, Singapore
Peeping through the window of a guitar shop in Summit, New Jersey that sells only jazz archtop guitars
A baby Alligator climbing on to a drainpipe of a canal in downtown Melbourne, Florida
Relaxing on a sunny afternoon at a cafe in Annapolis, Maryland
Sunday afternoon Bluegrass jam in a park in Malabar, Florida
Crowd watching gamblers in a card game; in a park in Suzhou, China
Carwash girl in sunny Melbourne, Florida
A row of colorfully clad Indian girls: Ooty, India
A shop in Hong Kong specializing in Chinese gourmet items such as ham, abalone, bird's nest and salted fish
The Desert Inn motel, Yee Haw Junction, FloridaStorks at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore
Barbecue restaurant Mount Doro , Florida
Manatees, swimming up for hand feeding, Grant, Florida
The famous Katz Deli, New York City
A trio of jazzers at Long Island Guitar Show
Old man and the raging sea: Sebastian, Florida a.k.a Treasure Coast where many Spanish galleons carrying gold and other treasures were shipwrecked.
Padaung long-necked woman, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Pretzel shop, in mid-west heartland Omaha, Nebraska, where Warren Buffet lives
The dignified and still strong 80 year old village chief of a tribe of Aborigines living in the Mangrove swamps of Johor, Malaysia

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