Sunday, October 24, 2010

Road To Key West Florida

One of the many stretches of causeways from Miami to Key West
Key West facing the Atlantic Ocean
A fast Catamaran docked by the pier
Downtown Key West
Marine Iguana pet at a cafe
One of the many cruiseships that drop anchor in Key West
An airplane park for the rich
One of the most spectacular road journeys you can make in the USA is the one that goes from Miami, Florida to Key West, the most Southern point of the USA. It's a 150 mile journey from Miami island across the many causeways that link the chain of islands on the coast of Florida. Some of thse causeways are seven to ten miles long, and on both sides are the crystal clear Blue-Green waters of the Caribean sea with Cuba just 90 miles away. The journey takes longer than it should, as some stretches of road are narrow and two-way. There are many small towns along the way though none are really interesting and are merely stopping points along the way to the ultimate destimation. Key West is more than just another American destination. It has a culture more akin to the rest of the Caribbean islands than to America. In fact, there's a humorous separatist movement to break away from the USA and call Key West the Conch Republic. You can see the website at and reading it will give you an idea of Key West's culture and psyche. The whole island basks in tropical sunshine and temperature, and the locals are as laid back as those in Bermuda or Jamaica. Drinking, eating and playing are the main pre-occupations and earning a living merely a coincidental event and by-product of drinking, eating and playing since tourism is the main source of income. However, like all the other islands in the Caribbean, things can get scary when there's a hurricane brewing in the area. Then the dark clouds, rain and wind puts a stop to the festive spirit and everybody huddles at home. Typically Caribbean ingredients in the cuisine include black beans, plantains, and roast pork. Cuban pork sanwiches, conch fritters, oysters, and grilled Mahi fish sandwiches are common items on the menu, and the favorite drink is of course the Mojito made from Rum, lime and sugar. Favorite dessert is the Key Lime pie. Duval Street, the main street of downtown Key West is crowded with holidaymakers from the American mainland.

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