Saturday, September 11, 2010

Interesting Plants Of Singapore

Toddy Palm-from which the Indian alcoholic drink Toddy is made
Mexican Golden Flame Vine
Bleeding Heart Vine
Hankerchief Tree
Golden Chain
Blood Banana tree
Bottle Tree
Tongkat Ali [Ali's Walking Stick]-the Malay aphrodisiac
The Nipple Tree
Rarely seen flower of Cannonball Tree
It's such a pleasure to meet an interesting taxi driver. After the fall of the Soviet Union and with the closing down of many State establishments, you would meet cabbies who could make really stimulating conversation with you. There were the ex-KGB men who were still feeling grouchy about the whole thing. I once met a former Nuclear Physicist who was retrenched from his Research Center in Siberia and became a Moscow cab driver. There were cabbies who played Tchaikovsky on their cab radios and could discuss Tolstoy's War And Peace with you. Recently I met a Singapore cab driver who amazed me with his knowledge of the botanical life here. He could identify hundreds of plants, trees and shrubs and made use of his work travel to take photos of interesting trees, plants and flowers wherever he went. The pictures above are just some of hundreds he has on his Facebook album.

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