Friday, July 24, 2009

A Lovely Conversation

1. A Black-Naped Tern
2. Two chicks and an egg on the hot bare ground of our oil-rig construction yard
3. The beach front has been filled with discarded concrete waste for a gentle slope for rig-launching
4. Part of the vast expanse of the yard

5. Low loaders bringing yet more of the pre-fabricated buildings

6. Erection of a steel workshop in progress

Amid the hustle and bustle in the development of our oil-rig construction yard, on the burning-hot bare ground, Life begins for two Black-naped Tern chicks just out of their eggs. And in the midst of a technical discussion on the Master Construction Schedule, padeyes for winches and load analysis for jib crane pillars, a beautifully irrelevant email conversation insidiously emerges that for a brief moment bonded us with a consciousness of the Beauty of Life and the Greatness of the Universe and its Maker whoever it may be. And for a few minutes, the two little chicks loomed larger in our life than thoughts of 12000 ton cranes, 100 acres of land, miles of complex piping in 30 systems and enough generators to power a small city.

ENGINEER: It seems that the scope of work of the contract does not provide for option to install motor at the leg fabrication shed, and the pillars in the steel workshop are not designed to take jib cranes, although beams are provided for overhead cranes with 20MT capacity.

PROJECT MANAGER: This is preprosterous! Anybody would know that such things have to be provided by the contractor. It is gross negligence on the part of the previous persons in charge to have approved such a contract.

SITE SUPERINTENDENT: A bird has laid eggs at the Block Assembly area, and two out of the three eggs have hatched. You can see the two chicks and also the remaining egg in the photo.


CEO: Guys, what bird is it? If the mother is not around, maybe we need to look after them....they could be big eagles one day...

CEO to Site Superintendent: Why the shallow trench at beach front?

SITE SUPERINTENDENT: It's soil settlement after heavy rain, we will fill it up with more quarry waste.

CEO: OK thanks...if you can afford a little time...look after the birds, if you can.....but if the mother bird is the mother bird to look after the babies..

SITE SUPERINTENDENT: Sorry to say they look more like sea sparrows. Anyway they are gone. Maybe they are strong enough to walk/fly or some iguana ate them up.

CEO: Oh ...sorry to hear that.... the yard is producing life....let’s protect it if we can...

COMPANY QUALITY MANAGER : This is a Black-Naped Tern, related to Sea Gull. This is a bird that dives for food. That is why the shape of wings is similar to WWII German dive bomber JU87 Stuka.Chick and egg color and pattern seems to blend well with the ground as camouflage.

CEO: Yes, I thought they would be this, as I was chased by this kind of bird several times in open yard space before and they lay the eggs on the ground.Well, our chicks must have been devoured by Iquanas. They cannot be kept alive, but must be free to fly and hunt fish. We should try to keep some large eagles...ha, ha..

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