Monday, June 29, 2009

World Peace Through Food Campaign: Honey’s L'Orange Pullet du Oink

This beautiful and definitely tasty dish is contributed by Honey Smith Walls of Melbourne, Florida.
Honey’s L'Orange Pullet du OinkJune 19, 2008Oven: 400 degrees – Bake at least 45 minutesServe with steaming Rice or delicately done Fettuccine, piping hot Peas, Cold Cranberries, and some chilled White Wine.Ingredients:Chicken breasts (Pounded w/tenderizer) Small Ham Steak (Diced)Egg WhitesOrange Marmalade Lemon Zest (totally optional)Alfredo Sauce (I cheat & use store bought)Chicken “Dip” – Rice Crispies, Parmesan, Red Hot Pepper Flakes, Salt & Pepper, Cayenne, Garlic PowderCheese: Shredded Parmesan, Mozzarella, Manchego, White Stilton w/Lemon, Or exchange Manchego and/or White Stilton w/Lemon for Edam and/or Havarti But add a little Lemon zest.(Chicken Dip Instructions: Crush a bunch of Rice Crispies (at least a few cups) in a gal. Ziplock bag with a full bottle of wine (or a can of beans works too). Add at least a cup (or more) of shredded Parmesan, shake in all the seasonings to taste, close the bag and shake like crazy. You can refrigerate this mix for weeks and use any time later to make a Baked Fried Chicken using boneless –skinless Chicken Thighs to die for!Shred all your cheeses into a bowl… enough to stuff your breasts.Lay out a couple of shallow bowls and put the egg whites in one and chicken dip in the other.Pound the hell out of your chicken breasts.Swirl them through the egg whites then dredge them in the chicken dip.Lay breasts on a cookie sheet or shallow pan and throw on some diced ham, add a HUGE dollop of Orange Marmalade, cover with shredded cheeses, roll up the best you can and toothpick it all into place. (Just remember how many you use per chicken!)Throw in the oven for about 45 minutes or until seriously gold brown.Do rice or Fettuccine and make some Alfredo sauce… throw some leftover cheeses into the sauce and maybe a touch more Lemon Zest if you want.Plan your greens and don’t forget to chill the cranberries.If you’re doing it right, you should’ve already popped the cork on the vino and begun to imbibe. Put the rice or fettuccine on a plate, add the chicken, drizzle with Alfredo sauce and top with more parm, put on the peas and cranberries and dive in… Then get ready for a nap! You’re gonna want it.

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