Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Year Of The Golden Pig

* This article was actually written about a year ago. The year of the Pig is now coming to an end, and Chinese New Year on Feb 07 will usher in the year of the Rat.

The Pig is an animal, as useful as can be
An icon of happiness and prosperity
They say that the Pig is most intelligent
I can vouch that it is not belligerent
Pigs are productive and breed like rabbits
Though I can’t say much about their mating habits
What I like most about pigs is not what they do
What I like most about pigs is a bowl of pork rib stew
Pigs ear, pig’s tongue, pig's brain and pig’s tummy
The last when cooked with white peppercorn is real yummy
Pig’s liver, snout, kidney, skin and even pig’s tail
Does something good for appetite, they never fail
This year it is, the Year of the Pig
This year, I think I’ll make it big
And the reason is as clear as a Fig
For I was born in the year of the Pig
Not just any Pig, but a pig of Gold
600 years in waiting, lo and behold
The Golden Pig has come to my door
Not much more that I can ask for.
Braised Pork Trotters in Black Vinegar and Dark Soya Sauce. Be sure to clean the trotters well. Blanche it in a pot of hot water to kill the smell. Next boil the trotters in a pot of water for about 3-4 minutes then take it out. Add dark soya sauce, ginger juice, rock sugar, rice wine, Chinese 5-Spice powder and white pepper. Marinade for at least an hour. Add two tablespoonfuls of good quality black vinegar. Put the trotters in a slow-cook pot such as a crockpot. Add mushrooms, a few cloves of garlic. Cook till the skin on the trotters will pull apart easily with a fork. Garnish with sprigs of Coriander. Eat with steamed white rice or bread. * The dark soya sauce is the key ingredient that determines how your braised pork trotters turn out.. Use the soya sauce that is a specialty of Amoy, Fukien province, China. Blacker and thicker in consistency than those from other provinces. With a certain natural sweetness, though not the over-sweetness of the Indonesian soya sauce they call 'kicap'.

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