Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Original Hamburger, Soul food, Dieselbilly music

Top picture shows what is claimed to be the original Hamburger. Just some good fresh grilled beef on a sandwich bread, not a bun.This comes from Louis Lunch, in new Haven Connecticut. The restaurant has been preserved as a hertitage site, and the original utensils for grilling the beef, and slicing it are still used. No requests for ketchup and pickles will be entertained .
Next picture: Back Rib of Danish piglets from Jay's in Palm Bay, Florida. $12 gets you this slab of barbecued baby back ribs, eaten with cole slaw, potato salad, collard greens, and washed down with pink lemonade.
The next two pictures are from the Alabama Soul Food and Seafood Restaurant in a poor, mostly African-American neighborhood in Trenton, New Jersey. One of the few places where you can have a good meal for US$5.00. Typical dishes are: fried chicken, chitlins [fried pig's intestines] catfish, stewed belly pork, oxtail, Turkey wings, Alligator tail and Baby-Back ribs. Eaten with rice, [not Asian rice but rice from Mississippi and Arkansas] collard greens,black-eyed peas. Picture shows the Oxtail stew with rice and another favorite side-dish-candied Yam.

The guitar player in the red shirt is my good friend Bill Kirchen playing his beat-up '53 Telecaster at a county fair in Millsville, Southern New Jersey. Bill is a Master of the Fender Telecaster and is the king of Dieselbilly, the music and songs about and for truck drivers and their lives.
You can listen to Bill's music and the Tele's unmistakeable twang at
Next picture above shows me and Rene playing at a Florida property developer's party in Coco Beach Florida. Being English, he had a Butler, several maids, a Bulldog, an Aston Martin, a Rolls-Royce, a Jaguar, and his wife's Land-Rover has the licence plate: "4 Shopping". Rene is a Cuban with a fantastic sense of rhythm, and played the keyboard with his left hand running the Bass lines, while singing at the same time.

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